Spontaneously Pregant – Well, The Natural Way

Light at the end of the tunnel
Light at the end of the tunnel Photo by: Hanne Paludan Kristensen

My boyfriend and I have now been at the fertility treatment process for about a year and we’ve been through five inseminations and one IVF-treatment with no luck.

Fertility treatments are not exactly super romantic and they’re not always easy to deal with either, especially not for the woman.
A lot of women become extremely affected by the hormones, you get stimulated with, to create more eggs.
The woman will often be more irritable than normal and likely with severe mood swings and as a result, she can feel down or even depressed.

Thankfully I haven’t experienced that myself – my boyfriend might not completely agree with me on that one – but I haven’t felt that I was more tetchy than normal or that I’m  different emotionally.

To begin with, I’m already what you might call a “temperamental lady”, so I didn’t see or feel a big difference when it came to that.

But in return, I gained weight.  Quite a lot even. I’m 1, 60 meters tall (5 ft. 2 inches), well trained and I weighed about 58 kg (127 lb.) when we started the fertility treatments. At the first IVF treatment, my weight had gone up to around 67 kg (147 lb.)
Because of an injury, I hadn’t been able to work out as much as I usually did, and of course, that meant something too.
However, there is no doubt that the hormones fiddle with the metabolism.
The weight gain bothered me a lot – and in a way it still does – so in that way I was still affected.
Let me put it this way, I haven’t exactly enjoyed the weight gain.

When you begin IVF you have to take different hormones, you have to stick yourself with needles more than you do with normal insemination, where you only have to stick yourself once with an ovulation syringe.

My first IVF-treatment wasn’t exactly a pleasure.
It hurts quite a bit having the eggs harvested. It’s not horrible, but it’s not pleasant either.
It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park when I had the eggs put back up either.
When they put the eggs back up, you’re not allowed to use lubricant on that terrible iron beak they use at the clinic to open up the vagina. Why I don’t know. So you get a dry iron beak stuck up your crotch!
Thank you for that!
Do I have to say that it’s not super fantastic?!
Anyway, the doctor, who did this part, couldn’t really find the uterus and put the eggs back up properly, he had to try four times – with the dry iron beak – before he had to call in an older and more experienced doctor. The older doctor stepped in and very roughly, he drove the beak in and put the eggs up.

Jeez, what a circus, and you just lie there with your legs in the air.
Need I say more?!

I had four eggs taken out, by the way. Two of them didn’t come to anything and we chose to have both of the two good eggs put back up. It rather doubles the chance of success. We weren’t afraid of having twins, because in principle, we wanted two children, but the fact is that we’ll probably – hopefully – only have one, so if it happened that we had twins then everything were handled all at once.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. The test was negative.

Oh well, despite the aggravating acquaintance with the dry iron beak, it’s just to get back up on the horse and move on.

Fate would have it that the second IVF treatment was going to collide with our Christmas vacation, so we had to take a “forced” break from the fertility treatment.

It was actually nice taking a break from needles, vaginal suppositories, hormones, endless scans and what not.

Then a little miracle happened: We became pregnant on our Florida vacation.
A baby conceived in Miami.
Without any kind of help. The natural way.
It was all happiness.

Or was it?

Unfortunately it wasn’t.
Because of my history with abortions, I had asked for an extra scan before the nuchal translucency scan, so I didn’t have to walk around with a dead fetus all the way up to the nuchal translucency scan in week 13.

That scan you call a safety scan or a control scan. I had it Monday February 16th at Copenhagen Fertiliy Center…

Read how the scan went here

/Hanne ❤

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